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Champion Chatter
December 2009

A special section for Champion Credit Unionís young savers

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Young Savers! 2010 marks the beginning of another year for the Champion Credit Union Young Savers Club. Donít forget to turn in your 2009 stamped card for your bonus deposit! New cards will be mailed to existing club members in January. If you are 17 or under and arenít a member of the CCU Young Savers Club; you can still join but donít wait! Join the club in January so you can be eligible for your bonus deposit next December. Watch future issues of Champion Chatter for cool club activities and giveaways and have a great year CCU Young Savers!



Scholarship Opportunities

Champion Credit Union members who will be attending post-secondary educational programs (not limited to colleges and universities) can apply for a scholarship that is being awarded by the Northwest Chapter of Credit Unions. Complete the application and essay below to be considered for either the $2,000 or $1,500 scholarship. The winner of the $2000.00 scholarship will have their application forwarded to the statewide scholarship program sponsored by the Ohio Credit Union Foundation, which awards five $2,500 scholarships. The Northwest Chapter of Credit Unions Scholarships are open to anyone, wishing to complete the application and essay.

For a more printer friendly version of the application, print page 4 of the PDF file.


The Northwest Chapter of Credit Unions
2010 Scholarship Award Application

Please return your completed application and essay answer by February 12, 2010 to:

Kathy Kanipe, Scholarship Chair, Parish Federal Credit Union,
5138 N. Summit St.
Toledo, OH 43611

Winners will be posted by April 9, 2010 at

The Northwest Chapter of Credit Unions
2010 Scholarship Award Application

 Name: ________________________________________________________________  
 City, State, Zip: __________________________________   Phone: _________________
 Email: ________________________________________________________________ 
Are you a member of a credit union? If so, which credit union(s)?
  CHAMPION CREDIT UNION, INC.   _____________________________________
This does not affect your eligibility for this scholarship but may make you eligible for other scholarship opportunities.

Please answer the following question by written essay or video entry. Written essay should be double spaced, no longer than 4 pages. Video entry should be no longer than 5 minutes and should be submitted via Youtube with link emailed to On Youtube application be sure to include your contact information in the email. For either essay or video entry this completed application form must be submitted. Please circle format you are using to submit your response.       Video     or     Essay

Video Entries Only: I hereby state that any music and lyrics used in my video scholarship entry is proprietary or in the public domain or I have written permission from the artist and song writer. Failure to provide proper documentation of permission to use such materials will result in my entry being disqualified.

Applicantís Signature ____________________________________________ Date ___________

Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian required for applicants under age 18:


Question: The current U.S. economy is facing significant challenges. Please describe some of these challenges and briefly discuss some of the steps that your family and other families can take, along with the assistance of a credit union, to meet these challenges.