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Alerts Guide

Guide To Setting Up Electronic Alerts
Stay informed on your finances with electronic alerts. Various alerts are available and customizable to your specific needs. If you’d like to be notified when a deposit posts to your account; if your balance falls below a certain amount; or when a particular check clears your account, there’s an alert for that! So if you’d like help staying on top of your finances, check out the guide below for directions on how to set up electronic alerts on your account and to see a list of the alerts that are currently available.

  • Log in to your Virtual Branch
  • Click on the Self Service Tab
  • Locate the Alerts Tab
  • The alerts have been divided into categories: Account Alerts, Transfer Alerts, Bill Pay Alerts, General Alerts, and Alert History
  • Click on the alert you would like to set up
Account Alerts
  • Account Alerts will notify you when specific banking events or transactions occur. For example, when an account balance dips below x amount.
Transfer Alerts
  • Transfer Alerts will notify you when a scheduled transfer is unable to process or when a final in a series of recurring transfers you setup has been completed.
Bill Pay Alerts
  • Bill Pay Alerts will notify you when specific bill pay events occur. For example, a payment reminder alert.
General Alerts
  • General alerts are sent to you when specific Virtual Branch system events occur. For example, you can be notified when Member Service sends a Secure Message.
Alert History
  • Alert History allows you to view a historical list of alerts that were sent from Virtual Branch. Clicking on the Subject hyperlink will display the details of the specific Alert.
**You can now select different email addresses for different alerts. You can add up to 3 email addresses to select from. Any alert that is generated will be sent via email. You can also choose to receive an additional message through SMS Text.
  • To setup the additional email addresses go to the Self Service Tab and under Personal Options select Personal Information.
  • At the bottom of the tab you will see the email and additional email boxes, this is where you will fill in the email addresses where the alerts will be sent.