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Visa Secure

Visa Secure is a simple and easy way to add enhanced security to your online Champion Credit Union Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Card purchases – and there's no additional charge.

CCU and Visa® have teamed up to offer this outstanding service. Online shopping is quicker and more secure when you use your CCU Platinum Rewards Visa Secure activated card.

How Visa Secure Works for You

While shopping online, look for the Visa Secure logo at participating merchant websites during checkout.

  • When completing an online purchase, if the merchant elects to use Visa Secure on your transaction, advanced technology will be used behind the scenes to confirm your identity‚Äč
  • In most cases, the Visa Secure authentication will be seamless, and your transaction will be processed by CCU without any additional information necessary 
  • Although rare, if there is any doubt surrounding the security or your identity (for example, using a new device to make the purchase), additional information may be required to complete the transaction. If your transaction cannot be processed, you will receive a pop-up window with instructions on how to contact an CCU representative for assistance‚Äč

How to Register

All Champion Credit Union Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Cards are eligible for Visa Secure, registration is not required. Once your card is activated, your card number will be automatically recognized at participating online stores while making a purchase eligible for Visa Secure.

For online merchants that are not yet participating in Visa Secure, your card will continue to work as usual.


With the extra protection of Visa Secure, you can enjoy added security and peace of mind shopping online with your CCU Platinum Rewards Credit Card.