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Security/Lost Stolen Card

Report a Lost/Stolen Visa or MasterCard ATM/Debit Card 

To report a lost or stolen Visa credit card or MasterCard ATM/debit card please call:

(419) 407-4140     During normal business hours
(800) 472-3272    After hours for a lost/stolen MasterCard ATM/debit card
(800) 991-4961    After hours for a lost/stolen Visa credit card
(800) 543-5073       Former TPECU Visa Credit Card


For information on Fraud Alerts, Phishing, or Plastic Card Compromises, click here.

Visa Secure is a global solution designed to make online purchases more secure by helping ensure payments are made by the rightful owner of the Visa account. One of its objectives is to continue to build consumer confidence in online shopping—similar to that in a physical shopping environment.  

Verified by Visa often works behind the scenes when you're shopping online. There may be times when you will be asked by your bank to provide more information to confirm the purchase. This helps make certain that you’re the only person using your card online.

Visa offers comprehensive fraud protection, but Visa Secure goes even a step further, adding an extra layer of security when you enter credit card information online. 

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MasterCard Click To Pay 

MasterCard Click To Pay is an online security service to guard you against unauthorized use of your MasterCard MasterMoney™ Debit Card while shopping online at participating merchants. There is no need to get a new card, no software to download, no cost, and no hassles... just added security. Once enrolled in this service, you'll have added confidence knowing that MasterCard Click To Pay performs an extra authentication step to protect your account from unauthorized users online.

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